Management Committee

Our Management Sub-Committee of the Board of Directors (2010- 2011)

  • Director, Office of Public Sector Reform, Ministry of Civil Service, E. Humphrey Walcott Building, Crnr Collymore Rock and Culloden Road, St. Michael, Tel: 246-467-4427; Fax: 246-429-6089;
  • Deputy Governor, Office of the Deputy Governor, #3 Farara Plaza, Govenment Headquarters, Brades, Montserrat, Tel: 664-491--6524, Fax: 664-491-9751,


  • Chief Personnel Officer, Establishment, Personnel and Training Department , Office ofthe Prime Minister, Government Headquarters, Kennedy Avenue Tel: 767- 448-2401; Fax: 767-448-5044


  • Permanent Secretary, Department of Public Administration, Govenment of Grenada, Ministerial Complex, Tanteen, st. George's Tel: 473-440-3767/440-3789, Fax: 473-440-6609/440-4116



  • Principal Personnel Officer, Public Service management, Office ofthe President, 164 Waterloo Street, Georgetown;  Tel: 011-592-227-1193; Fax: 011-592-227-2700;

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